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Welcome to our Danish Cairn Terrier Connections Pages

    First off I need to give my sincere appreciation to a group of beautiful Danish  women and men who have opened the homes and hearts to me and have entrusted their long years of work and bloodlines in Cairns to me. 


    My interest in the European dogs has been longstanding, but hat chance did a   small breeder living in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's in California have of acquiring these bloodlines?  I had been ill and trying to care for my mother when approximately 4 years ago I acquired a computer and got connected to the internet.  This one small step opened the world up to me and I never had to leave my home!


     Through subscribing to the Cairn Terrier e-mail list and making my own web page, one of the first Danish friends I met was Berit Rosenfeldt.  While talking dogs with Berit I mentioned that I would like to import a stud dog out of Scandinavian lines. 


   The first breeders Berit suggested that I contact was Helle Lund Christensen, of Cairndy fame and her husband Peter Hage known in his own right for his Wire Fox Terriers and  Cairns.  This was happening just when it was found out the Peter had a life threatening heart ailment.  They were considering a move to France and their lives were so hectic, this turned out not to be a good time to acquire a dog.


  I then spoke to Mette Sørum, of Zalazar Cairns about purchasing a stud dog.  At that time I was also offered a Ch. Pinetop Paperchase son out of a Eng. Ch. Bireslaw Boomerang daughter, Mistywynns Happicairn Piperchase.  It is kind of funny that a puppy sired by this very dog was exported to Denmark before I managed to purchase my first Danish dog! This dog is Rose Croft Shutterbug, or better known as Kody and he lives with and is being shown by Berit Rosenfeld.


  Also a member of the Cairn-Terrier E-Mail list is Anette Lysgaard, Ru'cain's.    Anette was planning on breeding her Pippi (DKCH KBHV98 SCH Rasken's Right Delight) to her stud dog, X-mads (DKCH SCH Pitcairn's X-mads).  I had a bitch puppy reserved by there was not enough girls in the litter to go around, so I reserved a puppy from her next littler.  Ronja, (Rasken's Rispudding) was bred to Anette new English import Kian, (Camcairn Gunther).   The puppies were born April 11, 1999, two females and three males.


   A part of Anette's and my agreement was that I come to Denmark to pick my own puppy and the puppy was to fly home with me.   A trip to Denmark was planned for early June when the puppies would be 8 weeks old.  


  I owe Anette and her husband a huge debt of gratitude!!!  I was met at the airport, taken to their home,








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